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Evening menu

Dear customers, we take you into Alexandre Luquet’s world of freedom and passion. In fact, you’re free to compose your own meal from our menu suggestions. Our chef can also offer you a surprise menu to take you on a voyage of discovery and maybe even a new creation. We can adapt to your dietary requirements and restrictions, so please let us know when you make your reservation so that we can offer you the best possible service.

Our sommelier’s top picks, suggestions of the moment, must-haves – we’ve got some great oenological discoveries in store for you, with a wide choice of vintages by the glass, or you can opt for a wine and food pairing tasting.
Creux du Van Neuchatel

Gastronomic menu


Périgord foie gras terrine

Beet and pineapple chutney

CHF 32.–

Mushroom and spinach cannelloni

Pink garlic cream and egg at 65C

CHF 28.–

Potato gnoccho

Crayfish from Lake Geneva and Pata Negra

CHF 32.-

Wild langoustine

Espuma, crab and fir buds

CHF 38.-

Quail of Méracq

Salsify & Argan Oil

CHF 38.-


Red mullet fillet

In taro scales

CHF 68.-

Mount Royal Pigeon

Spice Sauce

CHF 74.–

Local Beef Fillet

Parsley root with wild garlic
Beetroot and pink rhubarb

CHF 78.–

Free-range poultry from Méracq

Fresh morels
Turnips and green asparagus

CHF 68.-


Citrus-glazed cowpea

Coco, Lack and Passion

CHF 18.–

Organic lemon from Italy

Raspberry and Timut pepper sorbet

CHF 18.–

Like a beggar

Hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and pink grapefruit

CHF 18.–

Araguani Chocolate Soufflé

Crispy and cocoa biscuit
Strawberry sorbet and fir buds

CHF 18.–